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Asteronauts 30K

enjmin programmer game jam

C# Gameplay Programmer

Scenario 1: Across columns

2-player versus 2D space game (asteroid like) made using Unity 2017.1 Asteronauts 30K is all about survival and defeating your opponent in a chaotic asteroid field. It’s a last man standing death trap in which each player has to avoid incoming asteroids and try to ruthlessly and viciously eliminate the other. But be careful, attacking comes with a price…

Asteronauts 30K is game made during the 2nd edition of the ENJAM (the ENJMIN jam) from the 6th to the 8th of October 2017 with the theme “Do not attack”

Created in 48h for the 2nd edition of the ENJAM (the ENJMIN jam) on the theme Do not attack